8. Una Figura en Estado de Mutación

3D Audiovisual Artwork // 3240 x 5760 px. Octane Renderer.
Available at SuperRare

  • "The portrait represents a figure in a state of mutation. Its situation is located in a process, its image is reflected in change, in search of the edges and possibilities of the form, in search of a body that expresses its existence. The transformation can be expected to have an origin and a result, but this specimen only denotes the possibility of being, a physiognomic drift, the liquid power of its adaptive genetics.

    This transfiguration is arranged as a fertile field for the generation of forms, which operates above all in a symbolic field. Every time the form is projected, it extends its reality a little further, its ability to signify mutates based on the founding foundations of those signs. Like a primitive idol, the figure portrayed in full and eternal metamorphosis, brings fertility as a symbol of a Venus; to enter a type of artistic and ritual manifestation together with amulets, sculptures and pictorial representations that throughout history and prehistory tried to address the power that explains existence."

︎︎︎ Chela, BS. AS. (ARG) // Dec. 2021