2. Lift

3D ARTWORKS // Series (2023)
Sculpted in Zbrush. Textured in Substance Painter. Rendered in Cinema4d with Octane.

  • Between the limits of knowledge, a soul is hidden. It is born and reborn. In search of a space that conforms it and an essence that revives it. It resists change. Conditioned by fears or inclinations, it obeys to avoid any type of punishment. The possibility of reconstructing what was collapsed, but, above all, asserting yourself based on your own virtues and convictions.

Lift n.01

3240 x 4050 px. Octane Renderer.

Lift n.02

3240 x 4050 px. Octane Renderer.

︎︎︎ ZeroOne, ARTLAB Bs. As. (ARG) // Mar. 2023