3. Fons Mercurialis

3D Artwork // 3240 x 5760 px. Octane Renderer. Available at SuperRare

  • The "Spiritus Mercurialis" guides us. Represented as a provocative butterfly, able to bring fortune or misery. She is the one "whom no one thought of yet". A powerful source of water dissolves everything that has come to be, and, by virtue of that, generates the "prima materia". There is a conditioned and unclear quaternity. Three of them, lost in chaos, result in a forth which assumes a special figure, bearer of the "Fons Mercurialis".  

︎︎︎ Newton Gallery, NY (USA) // Jul. 2021 
︎︎︎ Non-Nft Summit, CDMX (MEX) // Oct. 2021